PhotoLush 2015 – Rachel Vos – Creating Art

PhotoLush 2015 – Rachel Vos – Creating Art

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PhotoLush 2015 was a resounding success! So many talented, gracious and giving artists come out to share their knowledge with the photography community. From portrait and wedding photographers, newborn photographers, videographers and landscape shooters, there is always something for everyone. PhotoLush is in its 3rd year now. It is a 2 day training seminar comprised of photographers from all over the Pacific Northwest, Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Sedro Woolley, Tacoma, Monroe, Seattle, etc. Historically there have been hour long presentations in the main room on topics such as SEO (search engine optimization), In person sales, shooting on film, social media tactics, managing your finances and taxes, timelapse photography, Lightroom and Alien Skin software and more! In addition to this there are smaller on site and off site hands on training and shooting classes. These have ranged from; Maternity posing, new born photography, lighting in challenging event venues, noir lighting styles, creating art (creative wardrobe and stylizing techniques), B&W conversion techniques and software, telling a story through images… The amount of knowledge and camaraderie that one can experience in two short days is amazing! There is a print salon “contest” where attendees have the opportunity to hang an image and have the rest of the attendees choose favorites in multiple categories to win the coveted “Lushie” award! A gold painted point and shoot camera from the 90’s 🙂 (I am proud to say I’m the recipient of two such awards!) The images I’ve posted here are from the hands on off site class that Rachel Vos presented called Creating Art. An in-depth look at the process she goes through to create amazing fashion and creative styling portrait photos using simple every day materials such as tule, cardboard, gauze and most recently, coffee filters. The idea is that it’s about creation and inspiration and doing whatever it takes with whatever you have on hand to see your vision through. Rachel has an ability to envision an end product and achieve it with some toilet paper, a rubberband and a paper clip. She is the MacGyver of photography styling 🙂 Huge thank you to Positive Negative studios in Bellingham WA for allowing us to use the space for this shoot. And I highly suggest you check out Rachel Vos’s work at: Rachel Vos Photography


gauze wrapped model soft focus
This model is wearing gauze as a dress/wrap for a model shoot for PhotoLush
portrait of a model in a cardboard dress
A model wearing a cardboard dress on a cardboard backdrop
beautiful woman wearing a cardboard dress
A model wearing a cardboard dress on a cardboard backdrop
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