Aurora Borealis Hits Home

Aurora Borealis Hits Home

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It was quite a show, last Monday evening, across the Northern Hemisphere. The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, made quite an appearance even as far West and South as Anacortes, WA. From my vantage point near the Anacortes Ferry terminal I was able to capture this stunning timelapse video of the Aurora form approx. 10pm June 22nd, to 2:30 am June 23rd. In all, it’s about 600+ photographs strung together into a movie. Each photo is 15 seconds long, with 15 seconds in-between each photo. The aurora is caused by magnetically charged particles that are ejected from the sun (CME – Coronal Mass Ejection) and that impact and penetrate the Earth’s magnetic field. This interaction of charged particles creates amazing colored shifts of light as these particles penetrate our stratosphere. The sun is currently in an increased activity period for these CME’s. You can stay apprised of Aurora forecasts at Soft Serve News.


If you’d like to learn more about Auroras here is an excellent resource: Aurora Science: What causes the Aurora Borealis

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  1. Gail Walters
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    Absolutely beautiful Aurora Borealis picture. I would love to have a print for my wall. I love the majesty of the photo itself, breathtaking, and I am also looking for a pic with those rich teals, purples, turquoise, greens with hints of the coral/orange colors…..this is so amazing. Are you going to be selling any prints?

    • Damian Vines
      | Reply

      Thank you Gail. I’d love to sell you a print. I’ll contact you soon with details. Take care 😉

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