Behind the scenes album cover shoot Six Pack Pretty

Behind the scenes album cover shoot Six Pack Pretty

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I love where my job takes me sometimes. My two favorite pastimes, photography and beer. I had the unique opportunity to do a photoshoot for a band called Six Pack Pretty at the old defunct Olympia Brewery buildings in Olympia WA. Six Pack Pretty is a cover band from Aberdeen WA. Six Pack is a fantastic group of massively talented musicians that put on a powerful and entertaining performance. We had the opportunity to wander all over the facility and see the old dilapidated production facility. Much of the equipment and tanks were gone, sold off years ago when the brewery shut down. But there is still some fascinating areas and all the huge fermentation tanks are still intact. We were able to find some amazingly gritty and grungy areas that made for some amazing photos. I brought along a battery powered Paul C Buff 640watt second light as well as a few speed lights and various light modifiers to create some dramatic visual effects in what was otherwise a very dark environment. Abandon industrial areas can prove to be very challenging from a safety standpoint as well. It is highly illegal to trespass onto gated abandoned private properties such as this. I was given special approved access and had my clients safety as rule number one on set. DO NOT trespass and put your clients at risk, always get permission and always take every safety precaution you can.

Band members on an album cover warehouse
Six Pack Pretty Album Cover



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