Snow Geese in the Skagit Valley

Snow Geese in the Skagit Valley

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I finally got out for the first time this year and found some of the migrating snow geese that so regularly visit the Skagit Valley. Photographing the snow geese is always a treat. It’s not always easy to find large flocks like this. Many times it’s just a chance encounter on one of the many many miles of roads winding throughout the Skagit Valley. This was one of those days. They move around a lot between fields and counties. I wasn’t out looking for snow geese but rather looking to see how the tulip and daffodil fields were coming along. It’s a pretty hard sight to miss. From a quarter or half a mile away you can spot the huge mass of white in an other wise muddy field. If you have the opportunity to stand around fairly close and watch them for awhile you’ll no doubt witness a mass exodus. Something spooks them, or a few of them just decide to take off suddenly, and the whole entire flock, thousands of them, all take flight in a hurry and it is loud! It’s quite a sight to behold. I suggest bringing an umbrella in the chance that they might exit right overhead 🙂 It can ruin your day real quick.

Here is a video from last years encounter of a mass exodus:


Snow Geese-6870 Snow Geese-6884 Snow Geese-6894

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