Damian Vines Portrait

Portrait Photographer

I am a professional portrait photographer specializing in high-quality artistic portraiture of all types. This includes; family photos, headshots, commercial or personal themed and stylized photoshoots. I will help you realize or help you create the artistic vision that captures your imagination and will last a lifetime. I am based in Skagit County and work all over the pacific Northwest. Whether I’m working directly with a family or working with a team of people and collaborating in a commercial project, I am dedicated to see to it that my clients get what they want and deserve from me. I am professional, on-time, social and friendly. You can trust that I will treat you and your clients with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Capturing a memory, a feeling or a moment in time for you and your family is a commitment to and a long lasting investment in your loved ones. Creating lifelong lasting photos of you and those you love is my passion and my commitment to you.

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I am a native of Washington State, I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and came to love the natural surroundings of this beautiful region. After a few years spent away in Las Vegas, where I worked as a graphics designer for a larger newspaper, it didn’t take long for me to gravitate back to the surroundings and environment that was home. The lush green surroundings and plentiful water ways were no match for the bright lights, glitz and arid desert-scapes of Nevada. My passion for photography, although fairly recent, has always been inside me. My artistic expression came forth in many different ways throughout the years, sometimes in music, sometimes in drawing and sometimes though computer graphics. I credit my father for much of my creative passion. My father took to many artistic hobbies all through my childhood imparting in me a love for artistic creation and quality craftsmanship. I have taken what I consider “snapshots” for much of my life. It wasn’t until mid 2011 that I purchased a “real camera”, as I call it, and took my photography to the next level. Since then I have progressed quickly, learning the basics and mechanics of the camera, light and photo post processing. I strive to create images that capture the awe of a scene that is often seen with the naked eye but difficult to capture in a photograph. This awe is created as much “in camera” as it is out of camera in the post processing of the image. Through the use of a multitude of computer programs and techniques, I create images that capture the awe inspiring beauty that surrounds us every day.